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#ifndef __TIMER_H__
#define __TIMER_H__

#include <sys/time.h>

class timer {
    bool used;                      // was this timer used?
    struct timeval t0;
    bool running;
    long total_sec;
    long total_usec;
    double lap_time_;               // time from when we last did a "stop"
    char buf[64];             // internal time buffer
    void start();
    void stop();
    double elapsed_seconds();       //
    double lap_time();
    static char *hms(char *b,long t);   // turn a number of seconds into hms
    char *timer_text(char *buf);    // return the time spent reading, as text
    char *timer_text();             // uses internal buffer
    double eta(double fraction_done);     // calculate ETA in seconds, given fraction
    char *eta_text(char *buf,double fraction_done);
    char *eta_text(double fraction_done);


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