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Tools to use AFF segmented archive files
The Advanced Forensic Format (AFF) 1.0 is an extensible open format for the
storage of disk images and related forensic information.
The following tools are available to work with it:
afcat - copies from the contents of an AFFILE to stdout.
afcompare - compares two AFF files or an AFF file and a raw file
afconvert - converts AFF->raw, raw->AFF, or AFF->AFF (or even raw->raw,
if you want) optionally recompressed files.
affix - Reports errors with AFF files and optioanlly fixes them.
afinfo - prints info about an AFF file from an examination of the segments
afstats - prints statistics about one or more AFF files
afxml - outputs an AFF file's metadata as XML
aimage - Image a hard drive into AFF or raw format
Homepage: http://afflib.org/
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